Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'll Be Missing You

Needless to say, journalists are not the typical popular public figures you'd expect the wide masses to grief for.

Accordingly, there is only one explanation for the genuine grief that has struck so many Egyptians upon hearing the sad news of the death of the journalist Magdy Mehana.

Mehana genuinely loved Egypt and cared for the welfare of all Egyptians, and we knew it, so we all loved him back. He was an honest and conscientious journalist, whose words touched the heart and soul of all Egyptians who became loyal fans of his column in “AlMasry AlYoum” or who followed his TV program “Fil Mamoo3” on Dream TV.

When I heard the news late Friday night, my grief drowned the joy & elation, I, and I am sure all Egyptians, felt after winning the semi-final match against the Ivory Coast.

May God bless your soul, may we find other honest advocates in your students, and may all your good wishes for Egypt and Egyptians come true. We will miss you.

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