Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Comment!!!!

I received a couple of emails from friends complaining about "disappearing comments". They try to send comments for posts on my blog but the comments don't go through, and I never receive them to publish. As a typical Egyptian, saying "I don't know" is out of the question (if you are not Egyptian then you need to be advised that we are all "Abou El 3oraif" i.e. "Know it all").

I take off my blogger hat and put on my technical support hat to give you my valuable advice. This difficulty is caused by a technology I invented and installed on my blog called intention-detection. So, if you are planning to say something positive, you comments arrive safely to my email, if NOT, then this technology kicks in and blocks the negative comments at the origin.

Now I take off my technical support hat and my Egyptian hat and put on a serious hat for a sec. I don't know what is causing this problem. It could be a bug in the Blogger software, or it could be related to slow connections. Try Previewing the comment before sending it. But to actually resolve the problem, please send an email to Blogger technical support explaining what's going on. If you want Blogger to respond to your inquiry, I advise you not to mention my blog, since Google (the owner of the Blogger site) & I are not on good terms. In an earlier post, I insulted Google's two Os. This is why I did not report the problem myself. I can easily guess where Google will tell me to shove the problem. Unfortunately, there is an O in Nahoul!!!!

p.s. Your comments are truly valuable to me (my serious hat is still on), so until the problem is resolved, please do write your comment in a text-editor (Word) and save it. Copy and Paste into the comments window. If I don't publish your comment by the next day, this means I never received it. Copy and Paste into an email message and email it to me. I will publish it immediately.


Anonymous said...

That was quite an explanation, now let's see if that was of any help to a technologically challenged friend.

Anonymous said...

I also had a feeling u were going to address the issue.

nahoul said...

walaw Ani, any time.
And guess what! It worked.